Monday, March 17, 2008

The Tart turns 5 is Cali's birthday! She turns 5 on St. Patrick's day. This is particularly cool b/c she has that 'mohawk' that I have been TOLD is indicative of Irish decent. So I went back through her pedigree. Sure enough..her momma's side is 100% Irish (starting only a few generations back)and her daddy is Aussie! (Dana is mainly US blood with DISTANT Aus).
Our lives have changed so much since getting her. So happy birthday, sweet, rotten, beligerent, sassy, sweet little girl! Stroll down memory lane with me..will you?
The first weekend we have her..she starts showing us her true colors..

Then..I realize her ultimate goal ..
I got my husband 'another woman' for our anniversary!!!
It is a good thing she is cute..

And sooo pretty!So...on another note. My sister had her baby. Boone Abraham Lynch on Feb 20th...missed my birthday by 6 days. He was a little early so he hadn't fattened up yet. I get to meet him this weekend.
Meet my nephew..For those of you that 'ooh' and 'aah' at these pictures..I honestly don't get it. He is anything baby.

His attempt a being "vogue". He has my fingers and toes..which is justice in my book. My sister made fun of me mercilessly throughout childhood for my 'monkey toes' her kid has them..HAHAHAHA!!

And my favorite so first little brother Tucker and Boone. Tucker is a good boy and is handling this whole baby thing well

He is my nephew and I love him..just can't wait for him to talk and want to play with his cool toys.
thanks for everyone for donating to the greyhounds recently when I sent out the plea. It is nice to see people contribute who don't own greyhounds, are with other groups, in other countries..but the plea goes out and you respond. Things aren't great but they are definitely better b/c of you! Thanks!!!
On the greyhound front..we had another haul come up this past weekend. I helped with it (check out the GPA blog) but didn't bring home a foster. My kids need a break. Selena went to her forever home this weekend as well! Good luck little girl!!


gyeong said...

Happy Bday, Cali the Tart! Who says greyhounds aren't lap dogs.

I've had three nieces and a nephew born in the last four years. You don't see them on my blog. Their parents can start their own blogs if they want to :)

greytblackdog said...

Happy Birthday Cali. I respect a woman who can admit that knows she is playing second fiddle. Too bad you didn't get "the other woman" who can do dishes, laundry or contribute around the house in any way.

I'm on board with you my friend. Babies? I just don't get them and I hope I don't get them.

Michelle & Mitch said...

Happy Birthday Cali!! I love that picture of her in the chair, so classic! =)

As a surgeon, who shall remain nameless, says "all babies look like drowned rats". Allthough, I disagree, I am also not totally over the top for them either. I am one of those who thinks...look at the cute baby, can I hold the baby? All fun and games until they spit up on me or do something totally gross, then it is time to hand them back. =)

Dogs Rule!!!

IHateToast said...

that is still one of my favourite photos (cali and j at the computer). she's giving you the look.

and i'm with you on the baby front. my bestie had a baby. i like to make things for him, but i'm not a baby person. i like to say that i enjoy kids when the world forgets them. everyone loves the babies, but they don't express contrary opinions. when they're 8-11 you don't have everyone saying, "i love kids" but they should. that's when they're funny and witty.

and the know how to clench a sphincter.

taking kids to amusement parks. that's my specialty. used to auction off my time as a teacher. that one won a lot of money. parents hate the amusement park. see? we non breeders are good for something.

thebellagreyhound said...

Cali is one hotttt greyhound! And such a POSE! I have to share my hubby with the 'other man' Poncho!!

I hear ya re babies - nice to hold but nice to give back. I am more than content with being 'Aunty Brooke'.