Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Lazy days in the yard

I think we have finally returned to our normal way of life. Eating, drinking, watching greyhounds, and enjoying our new house.
Dana strikes her pose in the back yard
We watched Beau and Belle for the weekend. Belle shows us that there is more than one pretty brindle in Cedarlea park!

And then she goes back to her goofy self!
But we can't forget the boys..Beau tries his best to be a glamour boy
Urban is still with us. He is a good boy and very easy. His nose is as fixed as it is going to get. it still has a small slit in it, the vet tried twice to fix it. But at least it looks better and whistles less.
I just realized this was a Cali free blog, geez don't her see this! I feel sure next time there will be tons of Cali photos.


Scott said...

Good pictures! Hope Beau and Belle behaved for you!

IHateToast said...

cali free? i'd check someone's lap.

gyeong said...

Gracious of Cali. I'm sure she's saving herself for a Cali-only blog entry :) Glad to see everyone is settling in. Where's Dante?

Jason M said...

Sometimes even her own paparazzi have to take a lunch break :)

Aragon greyhounds said...

Got to love those ears!!!

Stowe and Maria said...

Great photos! Thanks!