Monday, August 31, 2009

Housewarming and birthday party

This past weekend we had our first REAL bash at the new house! It was Jason's 37th birthday as well as our housewarming party.
Dana does her part to clear the yard of squirrels
While Urban and Cali supervise
And what would one of our parties be with LOADS of wine?
the afternoon crowd arrives. You might recognize some faces in the crowd..the authors of Beau and Belle, genji's corner, Nerice's nook, ridlon Tails, Houndlife, Smokey's Greyt adventures, and our newest family member Go Greyhound were all in attendance.
The birthday boy chats it up with Kipp, Dabney and Cindy
Alex decides to get all the hounds to out for poop!

Smokey and Dolly oblige
Now, everyone knows Jason and I are car nuts and since I have bought 3 new cars since knowing him..and he has only bought 1 new is technically his turn..(I hate taking turns..) So now his sights are set on his next dream car..a Porsche. So I called up Nerice and asked if she could whip up a Porsche cake in his current favorite color of green. As always..she did a GREAT job!
Jason cuts the cake..notice the license plate Nice 2 Dream
The next morning, the boys were moving a lot slower than the far! The dogs were obviously exhausted as well.
Cali and Stella..the queens unite
Henry and Dana have a "geriatrics only" section in the yard to enjoy the warm sunshine.
Dana..just being pretty.
On another note, I wanted to show off my new art. My sister found an artist who does water color paintings from your favorite photo. And she is GREAT!
Then I just got her to complete the quartet and paint Dante
And Dana
I really like her work. if you are intersted in using her, go to
Tell her I sent you and you get a discount!


gyeong said...

Great party. I slept my Sunday away. So happy the weather cooperated. Might have to get our kids painted too.

Lin said...

Had a blast! Smokey runs like a girl, doesn't he :)

Scott said...

Was fun! Next time I'll try to drink more wine ;)

Woodrow, Luna, MJ Campanella said...

great party - cool pics - and beautiful paintings

Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

greytblackdog said...

I was partying with you in spirit. Looks like you are totally settled in now!