Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Farewell, Tamale

It is amazing how close we become using only words and photos. IHateToast was one of the first blogs I followed and quite the inspiration to many of us. Even though she is on the other side of the globe, I feel as if I know her and her hounds well. Even though she no longers blogs, we all still maintain that link just in case.
And her hounds Tamale and Omo. To get the news today of Tamale's passing was hard.
Even though I've never met her, she will be missed.
Katy..there are lots of hugs heading your way from the US and your greyhound family is weeping. Find another memorial at GBD and read about Tamale's wonderful retired life..


IHateToast said...

thank you.

still a little confused. was thinking the vet had a chance of mistaking deep sleep with death until the pet memorial service people called to let me know that they picked her up.

you can't help but hold on to that ridiculous chance.


gyeong said...

We miss you Tamale!