Sunday, February 7, 2010

did I do this??

Now, I am typically not so narcissistic to think I am able to alter outcomes or situations. I am able to leave football games at half time, knowing that my team will win or lose no matter if I am there or not. BUT, the is getting a little creepy.
Some odd years ago, I was explaining to someone how my mom found my name on the hurricane list in 1976. And that the name pops up on the list every few years, but had not become a hurricane. And..this is the important part..I would say that I hoped the hurricane was big enough for people to remember it. I didn't want my namesake to be a piddly depression that bounced off in to the Atlantic. bad.
And last year I was complaining that Richmond never got snow, I have lived here 10 years and we really needed a good snow. Not just a piddly one..but a BIG one.
Over the last 12 month, we have over 40 inches of snow. Here are more photos from the 3rd round of snow this weekend..we got about 10 inches total from this one. was blizzard like conditions for the SECOND saturday in a rowShiloh still wanted to eat it..Dante did find one thing he likes about snowy Saturdays.But..alas we awoke to another beautiful Sunday morning with a lovely blanket of fresh snow...again..And after a few of these weather events, I have learned to preempt the sore joints and muscles by giving the aged ones Rimadyl prior to playing! So Dana, Shiloh and Henry had a nice pain free romp.
Then they all enjoyed some play time together.

Minor crash b/c Henry forgot he lacked snow brakes.Cali was playing with her toy and threw it for herself..and psyched herself out.Dana figured out the snow was lightest by the fence.
Miss Dana looking pretty
Maybe we will see green grass again by spring. I don't live in the northern states for a reason..I like snow but in small doses. But I will try to keep my weather wishes milder and to myself in the future. ;-)


houndstooth said...

Those are great pictures! I hope you don't take up rain dancing in the future!

Kim Morris said... the "snow brakes" comment. Great photos! Hope you guys are staying warm!!

Those Brindle Kids said...

Beautiful snow photos of your guys!
I know what you mean about your influence on the weather. All I have to do to ensure a "rain event" is plan an outdoor party!

Lin said...

Hence, Robert and I discussing moving back to the beach once the economy gets rolling again!

greytblackdog said...

You need some chains for those greyhounds! LOL. Fabulous pics. I'm not sure you caused the blizzard conditions, but it might be delayed payback. Revenge is dish best served cold and all that...

gyeong said...

Your kids sure do love them some snow play. Maybe I should take some Rimadyl too before going out to play in the snow.

pineland said...

i love snow pics!