Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silent night

For those of you who visited us at our previous house, you will understand my excitement and why I taped the 'sounds of the night'. My last house..5 rows to the left: Interstate 95, 6 rows to the front: Interstate 295. At night..we were lulled to sleep by big rig's air brakes. But the new house..well...just listen.

peaceful tranquility. ;-)
Bahama bound..


gyeong said...

Some people consider highway sounds as white noise :) Maybe not. Enjoy the sounds of nature.

houndstooth said...

I can see why you'd enjoy falling asleep to that! Enjoy it!

pineland said...

thats what my new place will sound like when I move back to VA in July!! I love it!

Life With Dogs said...

Sounds kind of like here. You must be thrilled!

IHateToast said...


i have hoons. the nearest street is curvy which means ath holes with cars speed up and down.