Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Back to our roots

I realized that my last few posts have been oddly and uncharacteristically void of greyhounds! Cali found out about the lack of her in my blog and tried to regain control of us with her mind-meld stare..it worked on Shiloh quickly
She never really lost control over Dana..Henry resisted for a little while..But she gained control after a little persistence.The pink poodle from Dave and Buster's gave the most fight..she had to beat it in to submission.Once we got through Cali's temper tantrum..we moved on to other things!
Spring has sprung...which can only mean one thing! Grillin' time!!!
We had a foster for a few days. Her race name was My Girl's dog...her new owners named her Carly. She was teeny and very sweet.Henry is the resident "Dirty Old Man" who fawns over all new pretty young things. We caught him whispering sweet nothings in to Carly's ear a few times!

and now we have Amy for a week. She is very pretty girl!
Now peace has been restored and my blog is back to being all greyhounds, all the time..at least until the next trip!


houndstooth said...

Cali, Bunny has the same sort of determination!

Carly was so stinking cute! I'm glad to know she's NOT available anywhere! I'm a total sucker for the tiny little girls!

IHateToast said...

Henry. Shameless. There's always one in every group. Lech.

Life With Dogs said...

Thanks for giving us a dose of hound goodness. Hug them all for me!

pineland said...

how jealous these sweet hounds can get!

Lin said...

What the?!?! No pics of Smokey!?!?!? :) The pic of Henry whispering sweet nothings is soooooo cute!

gyeong said...

Long Live The Queen!!!