Sunday, May 30, 2010

More of the same

We had another few weeks of DIY and wine festivals. Story of our spring! We decided to put a back splash in the kitchen.
Before:After:and now the after photo becomes the before as we are getting the whole house painted this week. I think Jason did a pretty good job!
Amy seemed unimpressed.Beau showed a similar disrespect of our DIY ventures when he came for a visit.While Jason was tiling, i enjoyed some nature and watched the hummingbirds on my new feeder.
then we went to Cooper Vineyards for their annual SPCA wine festival. We always pack a picnic and spend the day enjoying the dogs and music. We brought Shiloh, Cali and Dana (who has moved over to Bob's blanket to oust Doc from his bed in this photo) and left henry at home as he recently had another lump removed (benign) but is still recovering.we had gelato
And drew a crowd like normalAll of this laying around and being loved on wore everyone out. Cali drooled on Kristen's toes before finally passing out completely.Jaimie and Dana couldn't handle the fun any longer..
As the temperature rises, the outdoor fun slows down. But we still have a few more fun events to attend!


houndstooth said...

The backsplash looks beautiful! Maybe if those boys had stayed away from the vino they'd still be awake in that last picture! It looks like a fun picnic. I am hoping we can find some more events around here where we can bring the dogs with us.

gyeong said...

Haven't seen too many hummingbirds here yet. Glad the weather cooperated with us for Cooper's wine festival. The kids appreciated that it wasn't too hot like the other years.

Life With Dogs said...

The kitchen looks great!

The heat has rolled in here as well and we're slowing down a lot. :)

Two Greyhound Town said...

Love the back splash. Love all the photos of the hounds!

IHateToast said...

We never get that kind of fun. For as laid back as Australia is (and it is), they are not so with critters. Just try to roadtrip with one.

Australians would be up for this, but some city/shire council would say no--or make it too $$ for us.

greytblackdog said...

Amazing work on that back splash. Impressive. I thought the pups were having wine! LOL. There are days where I'd like to give Roxy some :)