Sunday, August 29, 2010

Summer play

Summer is winding down, which is actually nice as this means cooler temperatures. i am sure i will be cranky about the cold in no time, but the 100+ heat this summer really did me in.
It is Jason's birthday today! He has started making cheese. Here is his first attempt at mozzarella. he als0 must get props for being the manly hunter this week. Reptilian poo started appearing in the garage with great frequency. I came home to a glass jar containing the suspect. Of course, when I was told this little guy was eating the spiders that I actually detest MORE..and now that I know this guys has shoulders (this is an old country saying that my dad uses constantly.."no shoulders" ..think about it) he was allowed to continue his feast in the garage.
And another sign that summer is winding down, we have tons of boarders while everyone gets that last vacation in. I will miss the hummingbirds this winter, though!We had Scott, Iva and Bob over last weekend for an impromptu greyhound party. Of course, it was too hot for play.. but milling around in the yard would be Doc, Belle, Pepe, Beau, Macy, Henry, Katy, KC and Chilly (Cali, Dana, Lulu, Shiloh and Dante were elsewhere).But since I had Katy, KC and Chilly all week, every day was a party! Chilly and Henry really hit it off and played well. doesn't look like they were playing well but I promise no greyhounds were injured in this photos.Then Katy and Dana join in the fun.We always laugh at how Henry runs in a funny way. He slams his front feet down together..finally got a photo of it (albeit a crappy one)Henry, Chilly, Katy and Cali pose for a rare group photo.
All that playing makes for very tired greyhounds...


Mad Red Hare said...

Looks like lots of greyhound fun!

houndstooth said...

It looks like tons of fun to me! You got some great shots there!

IHateToast said...

we don't have hummingbirds here. when i go home to visit and see one, i freak. cardinals, too. all those birds we take for granted. when i return to oz, i get excited seeing the rosellas. i should react to birds the way my dogs react to food. same old birds?! SWEET!

the photo with chilli's arm up like that is bizarre. it doesn't look natural. silly dogs.

when i watch marathons, i giggle at some of the odd running styles. i guess the dogs have them, too. henry's should be patented.

and happy birthday again to jason, king of cheese.