Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pistachio power

So we went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina to have a long weekend with Jason's parents. (We get asked often what we do with our dogs when we can't take them with us, we have a pet sitter/house sitter who comes and stays at our house and takes very good care of them while we are away.)
November at the beach wasn't very 'beachy'. The ocean was very rough, the wind was high and the temperature was low. So we had to find other ways to entertain ourselves. We took some pistachios to the beach which drew quite the crowd..Which gave Jason and ideaAnd it worked (and I got some pretty cool photos!)Then we went to the Wright Brother's museum where the first flight occurred. It was pretty cool. The stones mark the landing spot for the first four flights (starting point is the large rock in the forefront)
Jason and his dad
The first manned glider flight occurred off this hillWhich of course we climbed too and took a photo from that column back to the location of the first four flights.
Back on the home front, it has gotten colder and we do a lot more indoor stuff. Cali snoozes in front of the well stocked toy basket.We are watching Daisy for a week, she is super cute and very sweet. She became embarrassed by the Stumpf household paparazzi.
And Cali wanted me to remind you of how cute she is and apologize for not featuring her in the past few blog entries.
Hard to believe the holidays are approaching..


houndstooth said...

It is hard to believe the holidays are approaching!

Your trip looks like fun, even if you didn't get to enjoy the beach a lot. I love those photos of the birds after the pistachios!

Daisy is super cute, and we could never forget that Cali is the star of the blog! ;)

greytblackdog said...

I have to admit, those gull pictures are a bit scary. Very Hitchcock.

IHateToast said...

Heather's funny. I thought the opposite. I was reminded of MINE! MINE! MINE! in Finding Nemo. Now I have scary birds in my head. Can I e-smack her?

Daisy is cute, but of course it's all about Cali.

Elaine said...

Hi there, you know these are "downhome" pictures for me, having live there until college came along. Thank you very much for these beautiful pictures.

gyeong said...

Gulls are kinda cool, but the greys definitely have them beat on the cute factor.