Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Parades and picnics and poo

I realize that is an odd combination, but that IS in fact what we have been up too. We went to Easter on Parade on Easter. Everyone wore their fancy hats..
Dana made friendsAnd Cali..well..you guessed itThen James River Greyhounds had their spring picnic. Cali and Dana got new collars from Houndstown (I really like Henry's collar and couldn't find another that I liked more)We had a radar run, cali ran it but I didn't get any photos. I did think it was funny when Yuki (our fastest at 40mph and the white/brindle in the back) decided to break free and go for another passCali, Henry and Dana sacked out early..Our hummingbirds are back! and other weird night creatures..this one is pretty cool...The poo..well, Dante is still ailing. He has had significant diarrhea for 5 weeks now and has dropped 2 1/2 pounds, making him an cool 16.5 pounds. A year ago he was 26 and one month ago he was almost 20. We have tried a lot of things. There are still more things to try and specialists are being consulted. We are doing everything we can and so is our vet. we will be leaving him in Kristen and Gyeong's VERY capable hands while we go to Italy. The rest will stay at home and be watched by our wonderful house sitter. so the next post will hopefully be full of Roman architecture and the hills of Tuscany. And hopefully, Dante will start to improve so we can have a worry free trip.


gyeong said...

The steam cleaner is ready for Dante's arrival. Hopefully the specialists will figure out what's wrong very soon. You should only be able to see ribs on greyhounds.

houndstooth said...

I hope Dante is feeling better soon, poor guy! I hope you have a wonderful time in Italy! I would love to go there sometime.

I love that picture of the moth! I've never seen one like that before.

Sue said...

Fab photos.

Hope you can find out what's up with Dante.

The moth is lovely, although I'd not want it flying round:)