Monday, July 4, 2011

Energizer bunnies

We spent a great weekend with lots of great photo opportunities..but I forgot my camera. So to see what we did, check out gyeong's blog.
BUT We are happy to report, that everyone seems to have recovered from their ailments/we have found the perfect concoction of medicine.
Henry is back to himself..eating. playing and just being a good boy!He and Dana enjoy some sunshine.We watched Katie (fawn) , Beau and Belle for a while. Everyone really played well and it was great to see Henry play again!
Belle used Dante as a pillow..smelly pillow.We have Petey and Lulu for a bit now. Petey wants Henry to play with him more..Nerice and Debbie came over with Dolly, Diego and Brady for some fun..which ended up being a bunch of greyhounds sleeping while we gabbed. But Petey made his rounds.
Happy Fourth of July! And I leave on a another quick vacation in 2 days, so prepare for photos of Key West, Cozumel and a big boat. ;-)


Michelle said...

Katie looks like a lot of fun to have around! Happy 4th!

Sue said...

Great to see all the dogs having fun.

Have a nice vacation.

gyeong said...

Oh Henry. Glad you're feeling better.

Amanda said...

so glad henry is feeling better!!! hugs from us and the pups!!