Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Fun in the sun

I am still working on the hummingbird shot..I think I am limited by my lens (and my scant abilities). But I will keep trying. This past weekend we loaded up the car and drove in to the country to visit my parents. But instead of taking the dogs, we took the Parks. A weekend with no cell phone reception, good food and a pool...pretty cool.
We did take Shiloh b/c she basically grew up there and knows the routine (read: doesn't need to be leash walked). She also celebrated her 14th birthday last week. Happy Birthday old lady!It was also Jason and my 6th wedding anniversary. My mom put together a center piece for the occasion. Our wedding announcement (since we married in Napa with a few people we had a party at her house a month later), our 'reception' cake topper, the bottle of wine we had specially made/engraved for all those who attended our Napa nuptials, a bottle of wine from Italy and the terra cotta bowl we bought my mom from Florence.Celebrations aside..what is there to do in the country?
Play with the minisCheck out my dad's newest project in the shopMake fun of Truflzbeing in a photo shoot is hard work..Torture him some more..Jason's idea of fun was to wage war on anyone in or around the pool. First it was my mom and nephew, Boone. They seek shelter since Jason has the advantage!Everything became a weapon...the sponge balls.Even the pool noodle!Boone had to seek shelter a lotIn the end everyone was drenched. We even disturbed the neighbors...I hope they don't report us to the HOA.The next day, there wasn't a 3 year old to wage war against, so Jason had to entertain himself. Ladies...he's taken.We did have a major war of the adults, but since that one led to water being splashed in every direction, the 7Ds were safely inside.
but it is obvious that Jason and I use the pool for vastly different purposes. ;-)
When it was dark, storming, or too early to drink at the pool..we did this...for hours...Words With Friends marathon.We had a great time with the family. We ate like pigs (eggs fried in bacon fat...how did I come out of that house a healthy weight?), swam and played.
Of course, on the way home..we couldn't just drive the whole way! We had to stop at a few wineries.
Lazy Days is a relatively new winery that needs some time. The wines were pretty good but have GREAT potential. a winery to watch.and right down the street is Rebec Winery. the wines were OK and the scenery was great.Overall, it was a great weekend.
and there are more celebrations slated for the month. today is Dante's 13th birthday. We bought him this bed at the Pet Expo years ago. He never gave it a glance b/c he couldn't fit. A few illnesses later and he has trimmed up a bit. so now he fits very nicely and loves this bed! the blanket is built in.


houndstooth said...

That looks like such a lovely weekend! I suspect that your husband and mine might somehow be related. I'm not sure if that will make you feel better or lose sleep at night!

Michelle said...

Happy birthday Shiloh and Dante.

Sue said...

Looks like you had a fab time.

Song wants one of thos beds with the built in blanket:)

gyeong said...

Always fun to get out of suburbia and visit your parents out in the middle of nowhere :)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Dante and Shiloh:)

Wow, sounds like you all had a blast! It would be great to get out into the country and see the minis and deer ... and eat all the yummy food:)

IHateToast said...

jason!! those pool shots were too entertaining. my favourite is the one where battleship jason is trying to sink the greenpeace raft and captain trina.

i'm impressed with your mom's centerpiece, too that was lovely.

sounds like a great weekend, even if the drama queens and kings were left at home.

happy anniversary!