Monday, October 10, 2011

San Diego- post 1

Most of you know that I love to much so that I 'travel myself out' after a while. this year was the year of the long flights.  Of course, nothing will outdo the 13 hour return trip from least I hope not!!
This is just post 1..the zoo and safari park will get their own post.  Too many great photos!
Before I left, you'll remember the toilet was in Jason's office.  After a leak was found, the hardwood had to be removed. we had the leak fixed and new flooring installed.  So when I returned from San Diego..the toilet was out of the office and in its proper location!
 Also, before I left..I broke down and bought yet another lens (thank you, Gyeong for this new obsession).  The 50mm 1.4 (also known as the Nifty Fifty) takes great head shots.
And Henry didn't mind being a model..(he says thank you to all his friends for the well wishes after his latest bad diagnosis)

 And I got a little creative..well as much as my science brain will allow!
We watched Expo for a few days.  He is handsome
But not the brightest..he was determined to fit in to Dante's poof bed!

 And isn't a blog without Cali...
 So after packing my lenses and official clothes (this WAS a work I DID have to actually work for some of it..boooooo!), I headed to San Diego, CA which has now become my new favorite city!
My mom flew out to meet me on Tuesday, but I arrived on Sunday.  I 'conferenced' all day Monday and Tuesday.  I did take some time on Monday to meander around the area.  The bay is very beautiful.  My hotel is the blue shiny one in the middle (both blue shiny ones actually). 

Once Mom arrived, we attended a reception from one of my vendors.  Got to love free alcohol!  But then we went to Nobu, which is really quite a food 'mecca'. 
Best sushi ever!  The food overall in San Diego was top notch!
We also decided to visit the USS Midway, which is a large naval ship that is now a museum.  I highly recommend.  it was amazing!
We got to tour the entire ship..I would not be suited for ship living..i need my space!

I did believe this guy would use 'deadly force'!
 They did everything on this ship!
 We even visited the brig

 Then we went 'top side' and viewed the flight deck.  This was my favorite!
 A view of where the planes took off and landed..
From the flight deck, you had another great view of the bay.
I do love helicopters....
Then we went to the 'island' which is where they 'steer' the ship and where the 'air traffic' control is housed.
you see this part in movies a lot!
another view of the flight deck and surrounding city

After that we headed back to rest up for the next day's zoo adventure! But we decided to take an unconventional form of transportation..which did allow me to get an overview shot of the USS Midway
 Mom shows us her new friend! What you can't 'see' is that we rode the few miles back with Frank Sinatra blaring and the driver singing at the top of his was awesome.
 And I was able to let my Mom experience her first rickshaw ride!
next post..The San Diego Zoo and The San Diego Safari Park..


gyeong said...

It's been forever since I went to San Diego. No Nobu back then :( Great food, great weather, relaxed atomosphere. Definitely my kinda city too. Looks like your mom really enjoyed her time too. Even if she did end up in the brig.

houndstooth said...

What a fabulous trip! Color me jealous! That rickshaw ride sounds like one for the books.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Wow, and you were only there how long? You sure did pack a lot into your visit, as well as working! Looks like you're loving the new lens:)

The rickshaw ride would have been a lot of fun:)