Sunday, March 4, 2012

Saab story

It is the end of an era..we sold the Saab convertible that has been featured in this blog many times.  Many relaxing drives sitting in the breeze with the top down were had...but fear not we have been gearheads/car fanatics for a long time.  There is no need to dial 911..we aren't sitting on a log like a bunch of Poor Schmos.
Another car is on the fact..the Saab has just been keeping the garage spot warm for the next entry.  Once it gets here (just a few more days) will know. ;-)
 Henry is excited..
The couch seems to be a hit.  I had my birthday celebration a few weeks ago with unphotographed trips to the Wine Expo and Blue Goat.  But afterwards, we all piled on the couch.
That is Kristen, Stanley, Dusty, Dante, Jaime, Cali, me, Shiloh and Parker.  
Cali and Belle seem to enjoy it as well
 And for those of you who think Greyhounds don't've never met Dana.  One brushing session on Saturday plus a wet deck..we need to shave the deck now.
Lots of things happening in the next few (to us) car, a certain brindle girl's birthday, a trip to a far away and very warm island and hopefully warmer and drier weather at home!!


Mad Red Hare said...

Island, what island? Looking forward to hearing about your new adventures!

Michelle said...

Bye...bye Saab. Looking forward to seeing what is taking its place. :)

Bonnie said...

Beautiful dogs, keep up the great work youre doing with the Greyhounds. I have a retired Greyhound myself BD's Nardo if you want to look her up! She is 12 years old now... but she still LOVES to run! Thank you for the blog also ... my blog is fantastic fit foods. I'm in NC. Take care! much hugs and kisses to the dog brood! Bonnie

Hiking Hounds said...

Can't wait to see the new car. I'm still jealous of the couch. :-)

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Cali has the same blissful expression on her face that Beryl gets when she hogs half my pillow on 'our' bed! A very warm island holiday, sounds wonderful:)