Sunday, April 29, 2012

Hills and Valleys

Life is full of hills and valleys.  We are currently in a valley but I know it will only be temporary.  Jason is home after a few weeks in Charlotte.  I am happy he is home as we definitely handle the rough patches better together.  They are doing a scan on his mom this coming week to determine how the chemo is working.  She has been through two rounds so hopefully we will know more shortly. 
While he was gone, I watched my mom's Shih Tzu, Truflz.  He is a funny looking dog...
While thinking about this blog post, I came across that photo and it made me laugh.  You take what you can get these days!!
My uncle was diagnosed with multiple myelonoma early February.  But after a long struggle in the hospital he was in rehab and doing relatively well.  Until the Streptococcus infection that hit last week.  The hospital can do nothing more for him and he is moving home in to hospice care.  I hope to be able to get to my parents' house sometime soon to see him. Definitely an example of life being too short.

And if that weren't enough, Shiloh had another attack of pancreatitis and stopped eating again. She is still only nibbling but hopefully we will pull her through this one again.
And Henry's hemangiosarcoma came back last week and one of his tumors burst. Jason found him literally in a pool of blood.  I rushed him to the vet on Friday afternoon and since they can't do full surgery, they cauterized it and put a pressure bandage on it.
I think it looks like he has on Spanx.  But this only lasted about 36 hours, he pulled it off after it bled through.  I re-wrapped it and will take him in on Monday to get it removed.  It is amazing to see how much blood this little tumor can produce..we never photograph it b/c honestly it is traumatic.  Even the vet and techs were astounded as blood pooled while we were trying to stop it.  And it wont' stop ..the cancer cells make sure of that! So we have ot remove it..we just 'hope' they continue to only be cutaneous.
I hope to get back in to the photography mood soon.  I know things will get better and healthier times are ahead. 
The fur kids have definitely been great therapists for me..

sorry for the downer post.  We have a lot of fun stuff ahead..the sun will come out tomorrow!  forever the optimist. ;-)


houndstooth said...

Sometimes I feel much better after I write things down. I'm sorry for so much sadness in your family right now. We've all had those times, I think! Here's hoping that some good news comes your way soon!

Hiking Hounds said...

Gosh, you all are really having a rough spell. I hope things smooth out soon. Sending lots of good thoughts your way.

Mad Red Hare said...

I don't know how I missed this one. I am so sorry you are having a down time right now. It does seem to happen like that though.

IHateToast said...

I think the only thing that helps me through down times is thinking about why this makes me so sad: our love for our dying friends and family, furry or bald. If you were going through all of this and you weren't down, it'd mean you weren't so close. So yeah, for me, the sads are usually because these people make us so happy.

I think the Spanx work better on him than they do on me.