Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cali's world

Cali decided there has been WAY too much blog time spent on 'those that aren't her' so I promised her I would rectify this situation. 
It has been hot..100+F indoor activities are a must.
Cali can be quite the diva and loves to have her 'best angle'forward
 Her guard drops when she is sleeping sometimes
 The 'finer' side of the Tart (and yes, I have Wine themed PJs..BIG surprise)
 JRG brought up 8 greyhounds from Birmingham to be adopted this past weekend.  The one foster dog could have come home with me..there is something about those white greyhounds!!
And speaking of whit greyhounds, Henry is still hanging in there.  He even feels good enough to jog around the yard sometimes. He is still happy, eating and as pain free as I can get him. 
 We are heading to St. John, USVI in 6 days along with our faithful traveling companions: Kristen, Gyeong and Susan. The blog entries should be awesome.


gyeong said...

Every house needs their own Queen/Princess/Diva. We should have a show called Greyhound Divas of Virginia starring Cali and Stella, and I'm sure it will be no problem to find a few more. Looking forward to good food, drink and lots of photo shooting in St. John.

houndstooth said...

All divas need their turn in the spotlight! I'm glad to hear that Henry's doing well, too. Oh, I definitely have a soft spot for the white hounds! If only I could choose based on color. :P

Have a great time on your trip!

chicreative said...

Hello, I happened to find your blog through one of your "reader" blogs. It's really fun and happy to find many other greyt people who own their greyhounds... I actually have just started my blog (influenced by you and few people :) ) I have a greyhound girl who is a 7-year old now... please check it :) Thank you.

chicreative said...

Trina again here I am. My apology I only read fully your most recent post briefly and I left my comments. My girl was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in March and our option was amputation. It really depends on how each owner decides their very own personal decision - but I just would like to say, I know how you feel. Just wanted to add few more words here. Beautiful photos of your dogs. Please enjoy your time in St. John.

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

Have fun in St. John! Happy thoughts for Henry. And one of these days, I'm going to have a parti-color greyhound.

sue williams said...

Love your blog and wish I were going on vacation

Angela said...

Glad Henry is doing okay! Great pics of Cali! I've seen a few pictures so far and I know you guys are having an awesome time on a well deserved vacation!