Sunday, January 6, 2013

Marrow Bone Sunday

Everyone once in a while (usually the week before "Steam Clean Sunday") we give the kids a fresh marrow bone. The last time, they spent most of their time and energy cleaning the outsides of them.  I refroze those bones and brought them out this morning.  They did MUCH better and cleaned the completely!
Cali shows everyone how it is done
 Dana showed a lot of tenacity. She chewed until she passed out!
 Usually Dante doesn't play well with others in this situation, but under CLOSE supervision we let him chew with the others (in the past we have put him in a crate with his bone).  He did pretty well..but I think it is because everyone knows to leave him alone and I kept him from challenging the bigger dogs.
 The girls chew in tandem
 Shane now believes he has truly died and gone to heaven..
The greyhounds play very well with each other..they chewed on their own bones and not a growl/confrontation occurred.  I love my pack.
 So if you wonder where Shiloh's photos are chewing peacefully on her bone, she isn't in to that now that she is very old.  And those of you who know her well, know exactly where she was
 Now, I boil the bones so they can be put out with the rest of the sterilized bones/stuffies.  I have more marrow bones for future Sunday fun. 


Sue said...

My JR use to love a marrow bone, but as my previous Grey Song and nowe Polly seem to do better with the usual food, as otherwise what comes out the other end is sloppy anbd round here we have to pick it up.....need I say more.

gyeong said...

Still have a few new ones in the freezer. Love it when all I hear is the knowing of bones. Oh, Shiloh!