Sunday, June 2, 2013

Greyhounds and Porsches in one post..

What has the world come too!  :-)  We have been busy and enjoying the lovely weather.  We packed up a picnic and the greyhounds and went to Cooper Vineyards for their annual Memorial Day weekend festival. This is one of my favorite events.  The weather was fantastic this year.
 We started without a tent, but put one up after a bit.  We had the Parks and their kids, all five of ours, Bob and his 2, Mary and her 2 and Dave with Cooper.  So it was quite the greyhound party.
Dave brought a rawhide for Cooper..and somehow it ended up elsewhere.
 Cali couldn't be bothered..
 Dana takes a break and gets some scritches from Bob
 Then Dante ends up in Bob's lap.  Dante has had a rough month.  We thought it was time..but he has rallied as  he seems to always do.  Cushings disease, pancreatic deficiency, masticatory muscle myositis and arthritis..sometimes the levels get off and he goes down hard. But with some diligence and careful manipulations of the various drugs he is on..and he is back to good again. 
 I get one better and the other starts to fail. Shiloh has been doing really well lately. But on Friday she had another bout of pancreatitis.  We are still working with her and trying to get her to eat.  So far, I've only gotten her to eat my breakfast eggs this weekend.  I can stand to live with breakfast.  We did another round of bloodwork on Friday, so we will keep working on it. My old lady..
 Mary takes a nap with Shiloh
 A little puppy entertains us..super cute and tiny. 
 We watched my mom's dog, Truffles, for a bit.  He always looks so sad!
 We have Vesta now..she is the queen of Roaching..  She is very cute.
 But sometimes even the cute ones loose focus
Yesterday, Jason and I went to the Shenandoah Region Porsche Club's Richmond Porsche Meet.  We went last year and had a lot of fun.  It is always set at someone's house on the James River.  Just a beautiful house and location.
 Jason lines his car up amongst its "people". He doesn't put it in the competition, but we can still line up.
 And Bob lines his Caymen up as well. Bob does enter his car in the competition and wins every year. This year was no exception!!!
 Porsche booty everywhere
 Even though it was very hot, it was well attended. We had lunch under a huge tree/
 Jason did get to admire the 2013 version of his car..This can be the new dream.  I told him "of course you can have long as the bank OK's it".  Pretty sure they'd laugh him out the door.  It was pretty nice though!!!
 Then we go on a "Rally" through back roads.  This year about 30 cars lined up and drove for about 2 hours.  They even provide a 'scavenger hunt" of questions for passengers. So I have a lot of fun.  leaving the house we cross a very "rickety' looking bridge.  It was super neat.
We turn a lot of heads and have a great ride.  The weather was perfect and the top was down. 
 We all stopped at Bruster's for some ice cream.  This is just one side of the lot..the other side looked the same!  Then we continued on to the final destination (Porsche dealership).  Then we went to a dinner banquet that evening for the competition awards. It was a neat event.
 Vacation next week!  We are going to Maine.  I am very excited.  The Parks will keep our kids since they are all ailing and need specialized care.


Hazel said...

Great dogs and great cars!

The dogs know you are taking care of their illnesses.

What Remains Now said...

So many great activities and it looks like the weather was perfect for all. Hope that is true for your vacation. Can't wait to hear about it.

houndstooth said...

Your life has obviously been a lot more glamorous than ours lately! lol It looks like two really fun events. I'm sure the dogs will think they're at the Sheraton while you're gone! :)

Sue said...

Glad both events were so enjoyable. Had to smile at the roaching with the tongue out:) Love the photo of the big Grey on the chaps lap.

You all take care.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Sorry to hear that Dante and Shiloh haven't been too good lately. Hope they are both stabilised and have more good days than bad days now.

Wow, what a sight, all those Porches! Looks like you had an awesome day.

And another wonderful day/weekend at the Cooper Vineyards.

Have a great vacation :)