Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Cali's log

Cali's Log

Day 40

Mommy is HOME! She was gone 11 days!  And I was NOT happy about it.  She came home last night and I decided to pin her down to prevent her from leaving again.  So I laid on her whenever she sat down.  She smelled like I KNOW she saw him!  Nerice was great and gave me love and food.  Uncle Gyeong dropped Shane and Shiloh off too, so now we are back together except no Daddy.  Shane isn't feeling well..Mommy took him to the vet today.  He says his mouth  hurts really bad.  Dante knows what is happening and said it isn't any fun!
Where is Daddy??  it has been a long long time.  Maybe he is just gone forever.

I feel sure the blog will be taken back by Mommy for photos and her stories soon enough..but I still hope Daddy comes back soon....


gyeong said...

Poor old men and their ailments. I had to laugh when I took Shiloh and Shane back. I put them in the yard first. So when I let the rest of the crew out, Cali was not sure why there was already a dog in her yard, and stalked him, till she realized it was Shane.

houndstooth said...

Cali, I'm sure your dad can't resist being close to you for long. I'm betting he'll be home before you know it! I hope you enjoy your time with Mom and the boys!

Sue said...

So glad you have your mum back

What a wonderful welcome your dad is going to get.

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Hey Cali, in a way you're lucky, you get to welcome both your humans on different days. And you know your Daddy won't stay away from you any longer than necessary. I bet he'll be walking through the door before you know it!