Sunday, November 3, 2013

Non-Dog Festivals..with dogs..

Before I get to the festival photos, a few words on the Tinkle Trousers.  I had a few questions in the comments and thought I'd answer them quickly.  Shane isn't incontinent, so medicine isn't an option.  He was  never housetrained since he was kept in a crate in the garage, so when he has to go..he goes.  But he stands up and goes.  We have a lot of belly bands that I use for 'short durations" but if he is going to go in them..they just can't hold it (even with Poise) so they leak. So the tinkle trousers are perfect for night time.  They don't leak and let the Poise do their job. ;-)  He is better than he was when we got him. 

Since I last blogged, we've done a couple of neat festivals.  We went to the Celtic Festival here in Richmond and took Cali.  There were a lot of men in skirts who pet Cali..
 We went with our friends Bob, Dave and Kristen who brought Dinah, Cooper and Kelli. 
 They also had a sheep dog demonstration.  Dogs that actually was pretty neat to see this dog do its thing...soooo smart!
 The next weekend, my parents came in to town and we drove to Virginia Beach for the Porsche club Air and Auto Festival at the Virginia Military Aviation museum. This one wsa pretty neat. Jason entered his car in to the competition and it was a charity event benefiting the local SPCA.  So we brought Cali (In my parents car). If you look in the middle of this photo, you see Jason and Cali sitting in front of his car
 There were new and exotic cars..
 And old vintage cars
 But  the main thing was the old fighter planes.  They were giving rides in this plane throughout the day. I didn't do it, but I am pretty sure I will next time.  Our cars were positioned right in front of the landing strip so we watched them take off all day. And other people were flying their old planes just for fun and putting on quite the show.
We hung out and ate BBQ, drank wine and watched planes and people for most of this beautiful day
There were also planes on display.  Mom, Dad and Truflz explore the area
Jason had spent a lot of time getting his car ready.  he didn't win but there is a lot of competition and a lot of professionals. So it was just for fun
Bob had his car there as well and it was right behind us
There was a raffle that we all put money in to win things. But my mom kept winning!! She won three items!
 Cali really had nothing to do with it..I did have some fun getting some photos of her snoozing next to her daddy's car
 And an older model 911 that was right beside of us..i
 The other thing that entertained us throughout the day was hte 'fly bys'  The planes would come really close and buzz the whole festival.  it was pretty neat and loud!
 I got this one from behind Jason's car.
 It was a lot of fun..and I guess now it is time for winter.  But it was neat taking a dog to these non-dog festivals. Cali got loads of attention at both and there are a lot of photos of Cali in Jason's lap on other people's cameras.  Rest assured..they exist. haha


Sue said...

WOW! Looks like you have had some fun.

Don't ever let a Scotsman hear you call his kilt a skirt:)

Looks like Cali was checking to see exactly what do Scotsmen wear under their kilts;) LOL

gyeong said...

What did I learn? Cali will travel for anywhere for people to pet her :)

Michelle said...

We have been wanting to go to the Celtic Festival. Maybe one year. Working dogs are awesome!

What Remains Now said...

Looks like tons of fun for all. A couple years back we went to a Celtic Festival in town and saw the herding demonstration. I was so impressed, I'm still talking about it.

Hazel said...

The tartan bandana was really lovely on the grey's neck, but where is the grey's "skirt"?

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

I work in the rural sector and see a lot of sheepdogs at work in their natural environment. It never ceases to amaze me :)

You have such an exciting life! Looks like Cali enjoyed her day out. Great that so many people took notice of her ... although how could they not :)