Sunday, February 23, 2014


We had a foster for about 6 hours..which I personally think is the perfect foster!  Cathy was returned and as soon as I met her, I was pretty sure I knew who would love her.
I sent a text to a friend of mine who had recently adopted. Oddly and coincidentally, she was out and about with her dogs and her kids. So she popped by to meet her.
Cathy wasn't too worried.
 She met her potential new brother, Findlay, and she didn't great with him!  Findlay is a sweetie and he has come a long way since acquiring greyhound siblings. 
 Cali has her second chemotherapy treatment tomorrow.  She continues to do very well.


Sue said...

Good luck Cali. Sending positive thoughts an hugs (((Cali))).

Hazel said...

First, I'm so glad that Cali is doing well! Give her some hugs from me!
So glad that Cathy wasn't TOO terrible worried while in your home!

Michelle said...

Good luck to Cathy and Cali!

gyeong said...

That is definitely the best kinda foster. Stay strong Cali.

houndstooth said...

Good luck, Cali! That is some kind of foster record!