Friday, March 7, 2014

2 Months

Today is Cali's 2 month amputation anniversary. Her last chemo seemed to affect her similar to the first time, but on the plus side she has gained weight since her amputation (so now she is on a reduced diet...).
But we had another snow this week and Cali felt great. So we took the Angry Bird toy out and had some fun.  Shiloh and Dana couldn't be bothered.
But Cali put on quite the show..
 Sometimes she got a little snow in her face
 But she didn't seem to mind too much
 And an uncut sequence
 And you know when Cali is done..
 And we finally have our paintings updated.  We've always gotten a portrait.  The 'original 5' still hang over the TV, but I will move the boys upstairs to hang over their urns eventually.
 But we had Shane's done and framed.  Christy Dekoning does our paintings.  She is a great artist though not greyhound specific.
Today, I'm excited because Cali gets to dust her therapy dog jacket off and visit a high school for a special presentation.  She is so good at that.


Hazel said...

Cali, I'm so-o-o-o-o glad that you are doing well. The fun in the snow was wonderful!

The paintings of your hounds are really wonderful. Thanks for sharing with us.

Sue said...

Beautiful paintings.

Loving seeing Cali enjoying the snow. She doesn't even notice she is a tripod, does she:)

I bet the kids loved seeing her and they had loads of questions.

Mad Red Hare said...

So glad that Cali continues to do well. Those portraits are wonderful!

gyeong said...

Yay for another ampuversary. Cali does love her some snow.

houndstooth said...

She looks so good! I'm so glad she's still doing so well post op. And congrats on going out on another visit. She must have been thrilled to be in her element!

Dory and the Mama said...

What a happy girl!!

Michelle said...

Glad she continues to do well. The paintings are beautiful.

What Remains Now said...

You go, Cali girl!