Sunday, June 8, 2014

Sisterly love

Roxi was getting good at entertaining herself. She'd grab a toy and run and run and run..
 She'd take a break in the sunshine
 And take off again. 
 But to our day while running a shock!
Big sister came to play
 Roxi loves to be chased. Which is difficult for a greyhound since they are much faster than her.  But Cali did well and 'jogged' behind her.
 The tripod isn't as stable as she once we had a few tumbles.  But she would pick herself up and keep going!
 Eventually, she got tired of jogging and took the lead.
 Which I think made Roxi happy too!
 And a few days later..they were playing inside too. 
 Cali was dragging Roxi around..three legs and all.
 So glad they are happy and seem to enjoy playing. Cali's LAST chemo is this week.  So excited!!!


Sue said...

How lovely that they are playmates now. Polly asks Albe to play, but he takes her play bow and bark as a sign of aggression and legs it back to me or dad:)

Patty E. said...

Loved the photos! Congrats to Cali on her last treatment.

Dory and the Mama said...

What great playmate shots!!

So very happy that Cali is almost through with Chemo!!

gyeong said...

Probably doing Cali some good to have a young one in the bunch. And Roxi looks very happy to play the part.

Amanda said...

love it! cali looks like she's doing SO well! and having so much fun with her little sister! :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like the girls are getting along very well. Congrats on Cali's last chemo.

houndstooth said...

I saw Cali's chemo graduation on Facebook! It looks like she's come through it with flying colors. It's great to see both of your girls so happy together! :)