Sunday, August 24, 2014

Lazy dogs

Roxi has definitely picked up the mentality of a greyhound.  Granted..she is still a young one and has loads of energy. But she settles easily.
 Cali is doing great.  We are approaching the 8 month ampuversary and as of now, she is going with me to Beach Bound Hounds. 
 I love this photo of Cody and Roxi's feet.  Roxi's feet are so different from the greyhounds, but they fit right in.
 Smile for the camera, little girl!


Sue said...

Beautiful photos.

I am glad Cali is doing so well.

Don't know what Beach Bound Hounds is, but it sounds interesting and glad you are taking Cali.

Sending you all hugs
Sue & Polly

Hazel said...

The lolling on the sofas is wonderful to see and enjoy!
I'm very glad that the girl Calli is doing do very well.

Have good times!

gyeong said...

Roxi is such a wiggly sweet girl. Looks like Cali is getting her rest in for Beach Bound Hounds.

houndstooth said...

They are all so sweet! It's good to see them all enjoying the good life!