Friday, September 12, 2014

Bitey Face

Cali and Roxi have started playing "bitey face" every day....I am glad it is keeping her young and she seems to thoroughly enjoy it. It looks a lot more ferocious than it actually is..neither ever bite down and it is all in play.
 This isn't the greatest photo, but it made me laugh so I couldn't resist.
 But she is a greyhound after all and she wears out much quicker than Roxi does.  Right now, I have Belle and Sooie (They lost Beau a few weeks ago...we miss him).  But I'm glad I have a big couch.  I spend much of my time (no surgery required..just rest, ice and time) in that little spot at the far right of the photo..where the ice pack and laptop are..that is what they give me..


Sue said...

I am so jealous of so many beautiful hounds:)

So glad you didn't need any surgery. Hope it all heals up ok. I bet the hounds love having you with them.

So nice to see Cali and Roxie playing:)

Hope you have a lovely weekend ahead.

gyeong said...

Who doesn't enjoy a good game of Bitey Face? Such sad news about Beau. He was such a good boy. Our couch is ready for Belle and Sooie's arrival.

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Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Isn't it wonderful that Cali and Roxie play :) I love bitey face, it's the only game around here where Frankie and Asher are on the same wave length, but they don't play it very often. Hope your injuries are well on the mend by now.