Saturday, December 27, 2014

Holiday travels 2014

 As usual, we packed up everyone and headed out for the holiday.  We started in Charlotte, North Carolina with Jason's family.  Alexzander. Jason's sister's first child, was born a week earlier and seemed to enjoy his first Christmas.
 We then drove to Roanoke, Virginia to spend a few days with my family.  After a few days of subdivision leash walking, the dogs were happy to have a bit of off leash time in the paddock.
 I don't think the miniature horses appreciated as Roxi continuously barked at them. But it rained..a lot. so we spent most days inside by the Christmas tree.  Roxi was not thrilled about this.
 but she caught up on some sleep.
 Truflz is becoming an old man.  he is still funny looking.
 This was Cody's first Christmas with us as well but he wasn't terribly thrilled with the costumes. But I think it makes him look quite handsome.
Cali wondered why I was crawling around on the floor so much..
 But finally let me take the photos I wanted.
 I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! We are happy to be home with a fenced in yard and king size bed.  But it was great seeing everyone and spending time with family.


Dory and the Mama said...

Sounds like a wonderful Holiday!!

Hazel said...

Alxzander and the other kids all look so nice, and happy. So do you, Mom.

Sue said...

Looks like a fab Christmas for you all.

Sue & Polly