Friday, June 12, 2015

Dana Roo Roo Pants

She was our first greyhound.  We adopted her on December 3, 2005...the year we got married and bought our first house. She was scared of the leash and most everything else when we got her.  But through lots of time, patience and exposure..she learned to trust us.  And she did so many things.  We always considered her special and a little 'in the spectrum'..but she warmed so many hearts.  If you were on her 'love list' knew it.
She would dance and roo whenever she saw you.  She loved to dance and roo.  She was Shiloh's BFF and needed Cali for confidence. 

We will miss you, Dana.  It is hard to believe you are gone.

Great Day Ahead

From the moment we first met, you were special
Roaching was your favorite past time..
And sleeping on your nose..
When you were were very playful
But you definitely knew how to sleep..
Our life will be so different without you...


Sue said...

Run free beautiful Dana. there are plenty of friends at The Bridge until your mum and dad come to fetch you.

Sending hugs. Sue, Polly & Honey

IHateToast said...


Patty E. said...

I'm so sorry.

genji said...

Oh, Miss Dana Roo Pants. I'm glad I made it on your list.