Sunday, September 6, 2015

Bone jelly's as gross as it sounds.  But in an attempt to find things appetizing to Cali, I'll try anything once.
They technically call it Bone Broth. 
Since we typically buy our cows and pigs in the 'whole' format (or partially whole) from a local farm, we end up with pieces and parts that while technically "good eats"..we aren't always in the mood. 
So we had some marrow bones and pigs trotters hanging out in the freezer.  So in the crockpot they go with water, garlic and a little vinegar.  The vinegar is the agent that leaches all the goodness from the bones.
Ready to cook.
 24 hours resembles a really nasty soup with bones that are trashed at this point.
 24 hours in the fridge..and everything 'sets' up.  You scrape off the fat layer on top, discard and you get..well..bone jelly.
 It's really quite gross.  I wish I could say it was the magic bullet to get Cali to eat.  It wasn't.  It is supposed to be full of lots of nutrients and minerals. So all my dogs are getting some in their meals while supplies last.  When Cali eats, she gets it too. So it's a win:win. 
She's doing OK.  Bad days are more frequent and good days are never great.  But she still seems pain free, happy on her couch and in good spirits.

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Sue said...

Glad the other dogs like it. I think it would make my girls runny, as they seem to only do well on dry food.

We are sending positive healing thoughts and hugs to (((Cali))). Sue, Polly & Honey