Saturday, October 3, 2015

Beach Bound Hounds 2015

Another year..another September in Myrtle Beach, SC with a bunch of greyhounds.  It never gets old. This year, the weather wasn't great early on but it turned out perfect for the dogs the last few days.  We were able to hang out on the beach in comfort. 
I took Roxi and Cody and Kristen brought Kelli.  Do not adjust your was a black dog party.
 Roxi's first look at the ocean (she HATED the water)
 One day we had a bully stick party on the beach.  Well..kristen and I had a white wine party while the dogs had a bully stick party.
 Since the weather was overcast, we did a lot of this (and walking on the beach)
 THEN..Roxi discovered digging.  She loves to dig (ah..the distant memories of a green yard) and sand became her newest love.
 We had wet towels to wash her face but she had so much fun we couldn't stop her...
 She walked on the beach, dug in the sand and chased birds for 3 the last day..she watched the birds, sand and people like this..
I hope you can see these..we videoed her in her frantic digging (these are differetn from what was posted on FB) the literal last hour..the sun came out and blue sky emerged.  The lifeguard had taken our chairs but we remained..finally soaking up some rays until the sun went down on BBH 2015.


Patty E. said...

I love the last photo. Perfect!

Sue said...

Well you sure had a lovely time and Roxy obviously thought it was the best holiday ever:)

Hope you are enjoying your weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

Angela said...

Oh my gosh, those digging videos are hilarious...especially when she shoves her head in the hole! What a happy pup! I hope to make it to BBH one of these years.

IHateToast said...

Who needs the sun when you have friends, sand holes, and wine? Glad you beat Joaquin.