Sunday, November 15, 2015

Lizzie joins the pack

I didn't even have a chance to update the blog that we were fostering a new one before she was no longer a foster fail. Sigh.

Meet the newest addition:  Winifred Amoroso NKA Lizzie. She's 3 and very sweet.  She fit right in and just seemed to be the right one to add at this point. 
 I've always had a fascination with the white ones but beyond color and beauty..she seems to get along with everyone and understand our house.
 To celebrate her addition, everyone got chewy bones.  We got these as a gift and everyone really liked them (and they SEEMED to have some redeeming qualities and nutritional value). But most importantly..Cali loved them!
Cali is doing OK.  She's definitely weak, frail and lethargic.  But she has moments of happiness and alertness.  She's hanging in there and doesn't seem to be in any pain nor does she appear to have given in to the cancer.  Our oncologist is floored at how well she is doing.  Even though we've had to tighten her collar due to weight loss and she has a 'taxi service' down the stairs..she is eating OK.  She truly is a wonder dog.  She celebrated 22 months post amputation last week and this week it will be 8 months post-T Cell lymphoma diagnosis. Both milestones beat the odds.  so keep the good juju and thoughts coming her way. 
Cody finished his treat and went out to sunbathe
 Lizzie enjoyed it quite a bit.  We are very lucky to have found her. 
 I did go to Phoenix for a trip and have some photos. But I will post those another time. 


Patty E. said...

Congratulations on your addition of Lizzie. Cali is a wonder dog. She is beautiful!

Sue said...

Lizzie is beautiful. So glad she has her forever home with you.

Sending loads of positive healing thoughts and hugs to (((Cali))).

Hope you have had a nice weekend. Sue, Polly & Honey

Greyhounds CAN Sit said...

Is it just me or does Lizzie really have an old soul in a gorgeous young body? She looks like such a beautiful natured girl, congratulations. Well, what about Cali, isn't she just amazing :) So pleased she is still enjoying life and long may she continue to do so xxx

Kenney said...

I though Cody was Blue for a minute. It confused me because I didn't remember you watching them recently! What a handsome boy! And welcome to the pack, Lizzie!

IHateToast said...

You lie! Not everyone. Iiiiiii did not get a chewie. I'm feeling neglected. When next I visit, I'll let you make it up with dinner. No no no. That's perfect.
Lizzie is beautiful, as is Cali. I'm glad that handsome Cody has mature and young arm candy. Leg candy? Paw candy?