Saturday, February 20, 2016

Birthdays and babies

Puppies...i'm referring to puppies. Just clearing that up first. ;-)

Cora celebrates her 9th birthday today!  I think she's enjoying her new life on my couch. She is very snuggly, love to play and fits in so well.  She even learned to enjoy a good bully stick.
She has Dana's ears for sure. 
She's pretty awesome.
We have gained a boarder with 2 legs who brought a 4 month old puppy.  My friend Martha will be staying with us a few weeks and she brought Pax.  Pax and Roxi have become besties.
 We had a few inches of snow last Monday that stuck around for a few hours.
 Pax is all ears and legs.
 She's very cute. (and it's a good thing she is..puppies aren't always easy)
 I got a new lens for my birthday and have been quite happy with it.
Roxi and Lizzie still play a lot as well. Pax will join in sometimes but the greyhounds still scare her a little (even muzzled).
 I had to laugh at this photo.  While not a great photo, it certainly shows the pack mentality.  cody is relaxed and staring at me waiting for a cookie.  Lizzie is on high alert.  Cora is staring a me.  And Roxi has  a toy. 
Heading out of town next week for my 40th birthday adventure.  Stay tuned.


Sue said...

Happy Birthday Cora. My Polly turns 9 on 1st March, so she's not far off Cora.

Love to see them all getting on so well. Pax is lovely...a Beagle???

Happy Birthday to you as well. Hope you are spoilt rotten.

Sue, Polly & Honey

Angela said...

Happy Birthday to you and Cora!