Sunday, April 3, 2016

Friends come to visit

We had our friend's dogs for a long weekend and they are very photogenic.  Bob just adopted Duff recently so he is new 'photo material' and he is gorgeous.
 His sister is Daisy
 He's not even two yet so he had a short attention span..
 Daisy decided she didn't want Duff to upstage her..
 And I couldn't forget Dobby the whippet.
 This makes me think he is pursing his lips together
 Cora didn't think my focus on them was appropriate..haha


Sue said...

Hi Trina, Lovely photos. Duff is stunning and his sister Daisy is beautiful. I love the expression on Dobby's face:)

Cora looks very regal:)

Hope you have a lovely week. Sue, Polly & Honey

genji said...

Duff was probably wondering why you were following him around with that contraption.

John Linwood Grant said...

Hi. I was in the process of writing an article on bitey face and came across your cool blog. I run a somewhat odd site called, which caters for enthusiasts of "weird fiction, weird art and even weirder lurchers". Our current lurchers are greyhounds crossed with deerhounds - if you click the 'lurcher' tags on the site you'll see all sorts of stuff. Wondered if you'd be willing to have your bitey face photos shared there, with full credit of course and a link to your blog? All for fun. Cheers. John -