Sunday, May 15, 2016

Ice Cream Sunday

We had our James River Greyhounds picnic yesterday and we had vanilla cups for the dogs.  I had Cora and Lizzie who loved their cups so I took a few home for everyone else.  So instead of Bully Stick was Ice Cream Sunday.
We have Vesta visiting for the weekend, so she got to enjoy too.
Cody has a very long tongue and used it wisely.
 Cora (who I will admit tried to eat the cup a few times and eventually I just put the ice cream on the ground..)

 Vesta was neat and dainty and licked her cup clean
 Lizzie had learned from the picnic and hooked her nose over the edge for more leverage.
 Roxi downed hers in minutes..she carried it in to the yard and ripped the cup to pieces (never eating the cup) to get every morsel..
They all four enjoyed the sunny day with ice cream
The rain has stopped..but I think just temporarily.  It's definitely been an odd spring.
A few parting shots of Cody. He sometimes gets the short end of the photo stick on FB and my Instagram account.  


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Sue said...

Looks like the weather was kind for your picnic. The ice cream was obviously a big hit.

Our spring has also been strange with high and then lower than average temps and also rain.

Cody is a lovely lad.

Hope you have a good week. Sue, Polly & Honey