Wednesday, December 13, 2006

New blog site and old foster returns

Hello! I have moved to a new blog site. My friend gyeong uses this site for his blog and I liked the way this site works more than my old site. If you haven't been to my old blog..go catch up there

And as always you can click on my yahoo photo link on this site and get to all my pictures..which I will update frequently.

But on to the news! The big greyhound news is that Jack has been returned to VAGA. He was placed 8 months ago and was our 2nd foster ever. He just wasn't working out in his new home..his mother did not have the lifestyle to fit his needs. He has gained too much weight and was showing signs of boredom and seperation anxiety.

But we have him now. He is really sweet and loving. He is a 3 1/2 year old blue and white male. Luckily, a VAGA family had shown interest in him 8 months ago. When they were contacted about his return, they had to have him! Jason and I had considered keeping him but it wasn't in the cards for us. He will do well with his two new greyhound sisters. They will give him all the attention he needs and deserves.

The other benefit of this blog is that I can post multiple pictures. Once a week we have a girls night at my house. We usually take turns making dinner but this week we did a Christmas dinner. We all made different things! This is Jenni, Stephanie and Amanda busily getting dinner ready. Amanda adopted Ana who is also in this
picture. So we had a full house! But we had a lot of fun.
Also, Lulu gets officially adopted on Friday. Her family just loves her and they aren't having trouble with the allergies. So they are all coming over on Friday for the official 'ceremony'!
And as of now a large group of dogs are coming up on Dec. 30th. I have no idea if we will get a foster. We will be out of town for the holidays and we are having a party for New Years! Oh..and I am 'hopefully' getting a great new camera for Christmas from my parents. SO be prepared for all sorts of new photos..I will be able to finally get action shots! woohooo!
enjoy the new blog site. I hope to get more used to it!


gyeong said...

Cool new blog. Looking forward to seeing your action shots. Too bad you couldn't keep Jack.

Barb said...

Love the new site! Much more "user-friendly" for computer novices like me! And I'm definitely looking forward to lots more photos... :>)

Kristen said...

I love that you will be able to use lots of pics! Woohoo!

IHateToast said...

much better. easier to post and get rss from, too!
sorry about jack, but very pleased he had new owners dying to have him immediately. poor fella.