Monday, February 19, 2007

Hank moves on and we get new stuff!

Hanka-Stanka...he is so cute. Sadly...he had a few home possibilities that all ended with returns for various reasons. None of the reasons were his fault (or the potential adopters) but he just didn't work out. And on top of it all, we couldn't get him to stop marking our house. So..he had to be packed up and moved to doggie boot camp for a little while. Such a sweetie..if only we could have kept the pee-pee outside. He was just a man that knew what he wanted...everything...everything was his (including at Dante one day!).

Good luck, Hank! Find a forever home soon.

But in other news...we were busy this weekend. I am quick on the tax thing and since we still use the federal government as our savings account (how stupid is that when you say it out loud), we had a nice tax return burning a hole in our pocket! So first stop...BIG ASS GRILL!!!

Jason is very happy. We had been cooking on a very small hand-me-down grill for a year. So now we have a 5 burner, 60,000BTU mega-man grill! ARH ARH ARH. ;-) I am sure I will get all sorts of tasty treats as time goes on! He spent all morning in the 20 degree weather, putting it together. This will mean we will have tons of cookouts this summer with tons of dogs running around. woohoo!

We also have been dealing with the stupid rubbermaid storage shed left by the previous owners. It was a bit trashy to say the least and we BOTH HATED IT! So a very nice contractor man woke me up at 7AM this morning to start on our new storage shed. He braved the 17 degree morning to build it for us..but he was getting paid. ;-)
So now we have a place to store all of our stuff. But as a plus to this new addition, we got to tear down that nasty rubbermaid trashy thing. AND it is recyclable! So Jason got to have a therapy season with power tools!

He had fun. Now we have tons of recycling and trash..and a great new area of the yard for a patio and fire pit!


IHateToast said...

watch out for change of grammatical structure from jason. me make meat. me feed wife. he has a new grill and shed? he just might pop a major cerebral blood vessel, wummun! you have run the risk of too much at once. please make sure he sees a mercahnt-ivory film STAT!

sorry to hear about hank the wee boy. i've not had a wee'er in a while. so hard to stop that. we also have a dog in the program that is struggling to find a perfect match. banjo. they'll find a home and that home will be fabulous!

MPRZV said...

Gaar MEAT guud. Meat on fire Guud'r. mmmm meat must char meat.. *thumps chest*