Monday, February 5, 2007

Offical Cult members is official. If anyone had any doubts about our committment to those skinny dogs...they will be dispelled at this point. The surprise i have been alluding too is here. Kristen and I got greyhound tattoos this weekend! We had just gotten them the day before these pictures were taken, so they were still a little red.

Kristen used an image VAGA sells on a T-shirt. It turned out really well!

I went with a running image, but found one that didn't resemble a greyhound bus. I can't wait for it to heal up and for the weather to get warmer! Kristen also got an apple tattoo in memory of her mom.
It was a lot of fun! I am a weinie and got a little light headed during the process, but I made it through and am very happy with it! Other than that excitement, everyone hung around to watch the big game on Sunday. So that meant a lot of dogs hung around too! Kristen and Gyeong have a foster, Chatham Blue..who is the black male you see in this picture (check out Gyeong's blog for more pictures of him). He gets to go to his forever home in a few weeks. We made a bunch of chili and hung out with a few friends.
Of course all the dogs got to run and play. Even though it was freaking freezing! They still had fun. Even the princess Stella got in on the fun..notice her brother, Lucas, is standing guard in case anyone tries to take the stuffie.

And I still have Hank but he is now known as Zeke and will go to his forever home on Feb. 17th. We all hope it works out. He is a good boy but a handful. We are on the 2nd large bottle of Nature's Miracle since fostering him. ;-) And I got my new laptop and I am loving it! Much faster and lighter than my last one. So next weekend we are travelling to my parents' house to set them up with wireless internet and get them set on my old laptop.

Stay warm!


Kevin & Shannon said...

Awesome tattoo's!!

IHateToast said...

i never get tired of the tushy up, head down look. unless i'm in yoga. too much of that asana and i faint. and it's not cute when i do it.
might have to do those tats. nice!