Monday, April 9, 2007

Doggie day care and bunny ears

Well, I have to start off by saying that Dana actually graduted from her Petsmart beginner dog obedience class. We all know you can graduate with a C and the certificate still says passed! But her fellow classemates, Ana and Booyah, did much better and were the star pupils. Followed closely by Cleo, the non greyhound of the group. Maggie and Dana lagged behind, but they did well! But I will stop bragging on my brain child and move on to more important items.
We are running a very well established greyhound doggie day care these days. We love to have them and it makes their owners feel all warm and fuzzy. ;-) This week we are watching;
Jo-the very sweet, reserved and loving one

Tristan-the hard headed, sweet boy who is nicknamed figure it out. ;-)

and the beautiful Sara who has a great personality (and I have been told has a white admirer from across the pond..OMO!)

Now these guys love to play..

So much so that we put all 6 (yeah..6 with mine) outside to play on Saturday while we tidied up the kennel. They were running around and having a big time. I went to let them back inside..and the yard had the look of a desserted graveyard. The wind had blown open the gate and all 4 greyhounds were gone. Shiloh and Dante were at the was way too cold for Dante to go around visiting and Shiloh would rather loose a limb than leave my presence. So Jason and I go in to sheer panic mode. We race out of the house after grabbing some leashes and my cell phone. I am on the phone to local greyhound people while running around the neighborhood screaming. Jason find Tristan..well...doing what he likes to do. Claiming everything and he had made it about 6 houses down. I race threw yards (in my pjs I might add and it is 40F with a nice wind) screaming in terror. I find Dana about a 1/4 mile down the road..standing in the middle of the main her typical greyhound freeze. She had realized she made a horrible mistake, it was scary out here and she wasn't moving. Once I broke the Eeyore stance, she came running to me wiggling with glee. Jason called saying he had found Sara. Now we were down to one. By this time, the area had formed quite a posse of greyhound searchers. Friends and neigbors had joined in and were canvasing the neighborhood. We have a lot of woods, but most worrisome would be the two interstates that surround my subdivision. And it was getting close to evening and it was cold. We drove, walked and ran for 3 hours. Dana trudged through the woods and random fields bravely by my side. I phoned Jenny (Jo's mom) and she checked her voice mail. Jo had a collar on with her home number. A man had left a message saying he had picked up her 2 subdivisions over. I would say 2 miles as the crow flies. I raced to the car and sped to retrieve our lost girl. To say Jason and I were mentally, emotionally and physically worn out is an understatment. It was horrible. I have been sore for the past two days...I don't run..ever. I ran a lot that hips and back and yelling at me for my lack of physical endurance and the massive quantity of adrenaline that kept my legs going for as long as they did. But..happy endings. Now I will leave you with some photos of the event we attended on Sunday, Easter on Parade here in Richmond. You can see Kristen on TV and you can check out Gyeong's blog for more pics! We made them wear hats....and I made Dana wear bunny ears. I am one of those people now..but they are so cute!!!!!

Blue and Ana

And Dana-roo!

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IHateToast said...

that's scary. we're right by a busy street at a curve...

when i get off the bus or train, i look first to the gate and expect to see it open and the back yard gate knocked down.

tamale wouldn't go far and would rather make large circles, but you don't have to go far and the circle doesn't ahve to gat too big before cars and trains get involved.

glad they're okay and your heart didn't explode. thanks for ending the post with photos. they're so funny in their hats. omo is still smitten. AND IS A RUNNER... can't believe he was barely able to walk.