Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Let's catch up...

So it has been a while since I was able to post pictures and catch up with everything doggie. A few weekends ago Jason and I went to my parents' house to attend my aunt's funeral. After the procedural and family things, we got to spend a relaxing day by the pool with the family. My sister has a Jack Russel Terrier..aka crazy, obsessed ball of energy with fur. His name is Tucker and he is 10 years old. He is a good boy but he has this curious habit that he has picked up on over the last few years. Regardless of weather or season, he 'sees' something in my parents creek that runs through the backyard. Did I mention I grew up on a farm? No one really knows what he sees or why he sees it. But whatever it is..he stays in the creek, splashing
around and biting at the water until someone makes him come out. And even then, he is shivering and blowing water out his nose. But as soon as you take your eyes off him, he sneaks back to the creek and SPLOOSH! He gets very dirty. At least he is cute

He has similar obsession with the pool..any splashing leads him to race to the edge and bite the water. He is so dirty and going so crazy, no one can help but put him in for a swim.

My parents also had a birds nest right at their back door. She nests here every year and we were lucky enough to be there to see them. They are pretty cute but Momma was NOT happy with me. This is about 2 feet from our outside table and about 5 feet from the pool.

And while we were there, I watched my sister ride her retired racing Thoroughbred horse, Mac, around in the ring. She still has horses. After I moved to Richmond, there wasn't exactly a good place to keep them. My horse died 2 years ago but she was retired and lived a good life for about 6 years.

This past weekend, Jason had some buddies over for some drinks. This is such a common image!

Then we went to Kristen and Gyeong's for a farewell memorial weekend to Lucas. You can see all the great things we did in memory of him on Gyeong's blog. And tomorrow I am heading back to Roanoke for another funeral..this one of a man farther up my family tree but was still an uncle/grandfather figure to me. Hopefully, the funerals/memorials will end soon.
Dante misses Lucas.


gyeong said...

When it rains, it pours. These past few months have been kinda rough for both of us. Waiting for the black cloud to move on!

IHateToast said...

no, it's not been a good year over here either. the silver lining is that all these wonderful critters had it pretty sweet. not chained up outside all the time. with buddies. with parents that spoil...

but they never understand or know how important they were to us. gr!