Monday, July 2, 2007


Since foster greyhounds are in low supply these days, I thought it would be neat to give my dogs their own blog entry. They are my kids and many people that read this blog don't 'know' them well. So I thought I would change that. First baby, Shiloh.
I got her when she was 9 months old in May of 1998. I was in the process of graduating from college and knew I could not go out on my own without a dog. I worked at a vet's office and was on the look out for a dog in need. Sadly..I wanted a dachsund..odd how things play out, huh? Anyway, this family that came to the vet often decided to adopt a litter of puppies and the mother from the local SPCA. This family was known to have a larger heart than wallet. So they realized they couldn't afford to keep them all and they returned Snowflake. The vet knew this was an omen. She kept talking to me about her but I was stuck on getting a smaller dog. They finally talked me in to taking her home for a night. That was all it took. Shiloh has never left my side since. And I named her Shiloh b/c I was looking through the pet ads in the paper and a dog was lost named Shiloh. I thought..if I keep her that is what I am going to name her. She came home with me and we immediately moved to Baltimore, MD for my first job. She was all I had in that big city so we worked on obedience and walked the city every evening. She has been my best friend ever since. She is now 10 years old and has been with me through multiple relationships, apartments and homes.
She is incredibly attached to me. I don't go anywhere without her if she can help it. We do think of her as a bit psycho b/c she is very neurotic about being around me and stresses out when
other dogs get too much attention.
She smiles..It is a party trick.
She is very obedient b/c of her allegience to me and making me happy. And she loves her new found best friend, Dana. They play a lot outside in the yard. She can always be found keeping 'up' with the greyhounds.
She also loves her friend Parker. With the addition of the greyhounds, playtime is harder to come by but a long time ago "pre-greyhound' Parker and Shiloh were absolute best friends. This is in their younger days..they really are playing.
She isn't much of a toy dog preferring loving more, but when the mood strikes her it is funny to watch her run around the yard with a stuffie.
So that is Shiloh. The psycho dog who I have owned for 9 years. She is fuzzy, with easily hurt feelings and is very submissive. When everything else around me was changing..she has always been rock solid. And hopefully she will be rock solid for a long time to come. I will blog about my other 2 fur-kids when time permits.


IHateToast said...

i love the smile! dog smiles are symbols of paradox to me. "i'm happy, but scaring you!"

she doesn't sound neurotic. she sounds like she's decided she's your ONLY child.

gyeong said...

Oh Shiloh, Parker misses those 'pre-greyhound' days. You guys could play with each other without being bothered by those tall sleek running machines :)

ldupie said...

She sounds like my first dog Yucca. Yucca was my momma's girl. Shiloh is a beauty.