Sunday, June 8, 2008


"Weeeee": this a sound of ecstatic jubilation as well as the pronunciation of Gyeong's middle name. But most is the coolest game system ever invented!!! We all know that Jason is a gamer..but I enjoy some games. I finally broke down and asked for a Nintendo Wii..and that is ALL WE HAVE DONE since purchasing it!! Who knew playing tennis, golf, baseball and bowling in your own living room could be so much fun!!But before we got ensnared in Wii land..AND before it became 100+ degrees F outside..we took the kids out for some fun last weekend. The Richmond Animal League sponsored Woofstock and we had a booth/table at the event..which was a lot of fun. it was only 90F that weekend..which at the time seemed stupid hot.
Cali shows off her mad agility took a cookie to get her that far! And it was so hot, the dogs were laying in a pool filled with ice..they loved it!

The standard shot..
Then..we went to the Beer, Bourbon and BBQ festival...Gyeong even came down since Kristen was at Mountain Hounds with Jaime. (pics taken with cell phone..eek!) Gyeong gets 'serviced' by twins..he had some pretty big bourbon muscles this day which made us all laugh hysterically at his 'ideas' and 'plans'. I am not a bourbon I was the driver for the day. Everyone else..had WAY too much fun!!
The weather here has been crazy..100 degrees and high humidity..crazy thunderstorms. We had a dog haul yesterday and the hauler had to actually pack ice in the crates to keep the hounds from overheating. Of course..I got a flat changing a tire in that heat was FUN! But sometimes mother nature gives us a spectacle.And I will leave with a shot of my nephew, Boone. He is wearing a present from his favorite aunt and uncle. I am off to Toronto, Canada with some girlfriends next stay tuned for our adventures. And yes..I am worried about leaving Cali alone with Jason..the locks might be changed and all my clothes will be in the front yard if she has anything to do with it! ;-)


Mandi said...

Hi Trina! Sounds like you are tremendously happy, and doing exactly what I'd have expected -- even back when we were wearing matching handmade Strawberry Shortcake dresses in Ms. Fraley's class! Congrats on the nuptials and happiness. (Is that Christy's baby boy??)

greytblackdog said...

I'm so coveting your Wii. No really. I'm kind of drooling over it. Can you tell how green I am? It is the perfect "stay-cation" gift for those of us who live in 100 degree heat in the summer.

The black and white dogs pictured in the baby pool look like conjoined twins. That could be a part of a greyhound freak show. Perfect for "Woofstock."

That could be the best onesie - or whatever you call that thing on a baby - I've ever seen.

IHateToast said...

i admit that the Wii is the only thing i'm tempted to buy. now you're making it worse.

must focus on the trampy cali shot.

gyeong said...

The Wii is part of my 'get back into shape' plan. Between tennis, bowling, and DDR, the pounds should start coming off :) Bourbon muscles. A step up from beer muscles.

Michelle & Mitch said...

Wii! I am green over here!! We would like to buy one. They seem like loads of fun! For now, we will just live vicariously through you. :) Great pics of the pups too! I am so glad the hounds were representing at Woofstock!!