Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Greyhound invasion..

I am not really sure how it has happened..the stars have aligned, the moon is in the seventh house, jupiter aligns with mars..this is the dawning of the age of the greyhound! (couldn't resist..sorry)...but we have a ton of greyhounds! ;-)
In the last 5 days we have had quite a few hounds travel through our threshold..
Smokey..he is such a cute cute boy..
Bella enjoys the sun (and the tall grass..I forgot to mention that while I was in Canada, Jason sliced his hand open and had to get 9 stitches..so as a consequence we are surrounded by a hayfield)Yes, ladies and gentlemen..Hemi DOES sleep!Jello (race name Jello Shot Dot) came for a few days. She is just too cute!And newly adopted Pete came for a few days as well. He smiles a lot..not sure why this is the only photo I got of him....but oh wellOh..and Lulu was here too..but we all know she becomes a blur when a camera comes out..so imagine!
On Saturday we chose 3 hounds (Cali, Dana and Jello) and met Kristen and Gyeong at James River Cellars for their Summer Festival. We spent the majority of the time talking to people interested in greyhounds! We barely had time to drink! So we put in our time and heading home to drink some wine and play some Wii!! Gyeong goes in to serious concentration mode when playing tennisCali was denied access to the couch all weekend due to Smokey and Jello..so she had to make 'do' with the recliner..not exactly sure why this was comfy
We got a haul of 6 hounds in this morning..always fun to help with those. You can see pictures of that at GPA's Blog.
The turnstile remains installed for a while..school is out which means serious vacation time for greyhound adopters..


Harvey & Jackson said...

Love the picture of Hemi... what a great smile. Jason, so sorry about your hand, make sure you use the injury to your advantage (no yardwork!).

greytblackdog said...

where in the world do you put all of these dogs when you leave the house? i wonder what the ones that get left behind on outings say about the chosen ones?

IHateToast said...

so while you were gone, cali was there to tend to jason's injury. you're so out!

9 stitches? ew. guess you won't be having limes with your margaritas.