Monday, July 21, 2008

2 Lulus, a boo-boo, a jolly rancher..and wine.

Last weekend, we had Ana and Blue
And Lulu..we all know her 'fear' of photographs. I have heard there are cultures that think taking photos removes your soul..there might be truth in that..
Poor Lulu..I did finally get her..she was trapped!
but we went to the South African Food and Wine festival at Grayhaven winery last weekend. I have photos..but they are on my phone and not too exciting. Great food, great wine and great company (Kristen and gyeong!)
I couldn't resist this one..Dana has a habit of sleeping on her nose. We were getting ready to head to the festival so we had them muzzled..Dana was resting comfortably on it!
Dante had his teeth cleaned last week. And he had a little growth on his nose that he was itching and we had it removed too. Dante's boo-boo (and boy is he MILKING this one!)

This weekend we had another Lulu..who likes to be photographed.
Gabby who just hung out a night or two before going to her new forever home (isn't she striking!)
And Sam..aka..The jolly Rancher. We decided he was the thickest greyhound we have ever met. But he is sooo sweet. So we named him the Jolly Rancher..sweet as sugar but thick as a brick.
So we inform the dogs that we are ..yet again..heading off to a wine festival. And because it is 100+ degrees right now, dogs aren't allowed. They aren't happy
But we head off to Lake Anna Winery for their annual Wine and Whiskers event to benefit the Fredericksburg SPCA. It was a great dinner event with a lot of activities. It was hot as hell though!
These next photos are just too funny....
Stay tuned for photos from the upcoming weekend. YES..another wine festival but this one occurs at my parents house. And our trusty wine festival companions will be accompanying us there. So photos of farm life and lounging by the pool to come!


greytblackdog said...

i'm beginning to believe that you guys live in the napa valley of the east coast and i am so jealous.

maybe you should ask lulu what her religion is before you start snapping photos. she should probably wear some sort of medical tag too that tells people of her belief. :)

Michelle & Mitch said...

All great photos, as always! :) Gabby is very striking.

gyeong said...

Maybe we should start a 'Greyhound & Wine' society. The greys come to play, and the people come to drink :)

Amanda said...

i wonder if ana will run in our yard with blue once we get a fence...she never wants to run while i am around. "momma, i am too cool to run around the yard like these other crazy greys". =) i think you guys definitely should have gotten those grape glasses!!