Tuesday, July 1, 2008

More of the same

We are fostering Justin for a week, his race name is Bobbye's Just Up (and no..I am not spelling that incorrectly..) and boy is he a sweetie. He likes the couch..luckily his new family doesn't mind.

We had a 'reduced' number this past weekend. Just Hemi, Bella, Justin and my normal crew. It was a lazy weekend of chores and cleaning..
Now..everyone who knows me..KNOWS that the following photos were NOT a result of lack of a bed..Dana just wanted HER bed and Cali happened to be in it. So Dana snuggled with her sister.And I realized that the majority of snuggling photos are between Cali and Jason. But contrary to popular belief..they DO snuggle with me. Now this snuggling DOES usually occur around 6PM in the evenings. But sometimes..there is random "for no reason" snuggling with the Momma.
On a side note, GPA had Blues and Royals arrive in the haul last Tuesday (you can see his photo on the GPA blog). He is a blue male who is just too cute. But for some reason, at some point and unbeknownst to anyone, he decided to eat a washcloth. After 3 days of not eating and vomitting, GPA had many tests done and eventually exploratory surgery had to be done to find the offending washcloth in his stomach. He is doing very well now and is on the road to full recovery. But all this vet work left GPA with a mountain of vet bills. So we are running an auction for Bluesy. So check out this website (and items are being added over the next few days) to see if anything strikes your fancy!
And check out the Dog Lover's Wine Club to see if it is something that might strike your wine fancy and help the greyhounds and GPA to boot!
Happy early 4th of July!


IHateToast said...

she's just keeping the wife happy so you suspect nussink.

Danielle said...

Hello dahling,
Just wanted to wish you a happy 4th!