Sunday, August 3, 2008

Two Anniversaries

Well..tomorrow August 4th will be Jason and I's 3 year wedding anniversary. Three years ago we carted our immediate family (and Kristen and Gyeong) off to Napa Valley, California for an official elopement (with guests). I planned the wedding with one phone call and one trip to was my kind of wedding. I always try to celebrate our anniversary with a little trip to somewhere local. This year we decided to do the Northern Neck Wine Trail. What better way for two oenophiles to celebrate marriage! It isn't too far from us and we stayed one night in Warsaw, VA. Jason, Jack and I started out at New Kent Winery which was AWESOME and remained our favorite through the end. It is going to be a favorite haunt I do believeThen to White Fences..which sucked but had a huge corkscrew to take a cheesy photo with..

Then to Athena winery..which had Lola the Yorkie..

Then to Vault Field (our 2nd favorite but nothing to photograph). We had a wonderful meal at Good Eats Cafe in Kinsale, VA. The next day we headed off to Belle Mount vineyard where our friend Gil parks his camper. So he knows the owners well and we were able to talk about him. ;-) YOu can see his camper barely through the trees.

Then to Ingleside..but along the way..we ran in to a loose cow. These wineries were a good 30 minutes apart..and it is very undeveloped in that we saw a lot of corn and peanuts..and cows. gave Jason and opportunity to shine

Then we had lunch at Colonial Beach..a beach of small rocks instead of sand..but the pier was interesting. Didn't see anyone catch Oak Creek Winery and home. We bought a lot of wine..which we didnt' need...but now we need a bigger wine rack!And the title is "Two Anniversaries" So the 2nd is this is Cali's 1 year Gotcha Day. She was our anniversary present last year. Getting married changed my life entirely for the good. As did adopting Cali. She came along exactly when I needed her and was exactly what we were looking for. Cali signified a new beginning and the point at which I became respected and appreciated by those around me. I dog did a lot. She did..and I have never been happier. So this weekend signifies so much change for me..And Cali is the coolest little tart we know. So we got a cake for Cali's gotcha day as well as Dante and Shiloh's birthdays (at some point this month). It says Cali..but dogs can't read. ;-)

OOOHH..PULEEZ LADY..can we have it now????Now..the sequence that follows should remind you of the Discovery Channel films showing a snake consuming their meals whole. Now..needless to say..Cali is NOT a this meal came back up seconds after the last shot to be CHEWED and eaten properly.

Dana on the other hand..ate her cake like a real lady..on the floor. And Dante and Shiloh enjoyed theirs tooWe have Baxter (below), Smokey and Lulu for the weekend..

I know that Ihatetoast tagged me for the "6 things you don't know about me" post. I will get to that soon..I am pondering. If there are any burning questions out there..please feel free to comment.

Happy Gotcha Day Jason and Cali! ;-)


Michelle and Mitch said...

New wine think you may be at the point now where you may need a wine cellar with your own tasting room!!! LOL!! =)

Happy Anniversary! And, Happy Gotcha Day Cali! Glad you liked the New Kent Winery. :)

IHateToast said...

happy animalversary! combines it all. glad to see you have embraced your polygamous marriage. it must be nice to have wife #2 be the one to always sit on manboy's lap. that could get hard on your back. cali's a good #2 to have.

i didn't know that you were newly newly weds. now you can't use that as one of your 6.

gyeong said...

Congratulations on both anniversaries! Now Kris is going to want to do something special for our 5th anniversary in a few months :)) Wine cellar and tasting room sounds like a great idea.