Monday, August 25, 2008

Dogs will be dogs..

We have Tristan, Jo and Sara for a it is like a constant play date for our dogs. So..this entry is just a lot of dogs being dogs..and having some fun.
Sara and Cali play tag

The neighbor's fluffy dog likes to terrorize the hounds from the other side of the fence..notice Dana and Shiloh are on 'guard' in case he sneaks around the other side..the rest are in hot pursuit.Another example of the dangers of being a photographer (no matter how amateur)..again..this didn't end wellThe more the merrier as we we invited Baxter and his new family as well as Amanda, Kenney, Ana and Blue over for a play date on Sunday. Amanda starts the games by throwing the octopusNext thing you know..Sara and Cali are in a deadlock over who won the pink octopus..Ever notice how everyone gathers around during a girl fight and stares..remember the halls of high school when someone yelled "cat fight"...Of course..we all KNOW who won..Then we pulled out the pool..Cali's FAVORITE refuge..Baxter was confusedWe finally got Cali out so other's could have a turnAnd just to let everyone know how little she cared that they were in HER pool..Cali showed everyone how good rolling in the grass feels when your are soaking wet! And Jo shows everyone how comfy the air conditioning can be! Have a great Labor Day weekend! We are packing up the whole family and driving to visit in-laws. I are jealous.


gyeong said...

Cali was not about to lose face on her own turf. Maybe you should wear blaze orange, so the dogs won't run into you :)

IHateToast said...

gyeong should stop giving you advice and start filming you getting trampled. surely that's blogable, too.

Deirdra Pearce said...

Your action shots are fantastic! They are well worth any injuries you may have sustained.

greytblackdog said...

those boo boos have to be minor compared to the awesome action shots you're getting.

how that octopus has survived i will never know.