Saturday, April 25, 2009

Scary timez...

Fur a wile things wur normal.
We sleepded...alot We playded wif daddyI gots de ball. This was a BEEG moment!We runnded. i am winning!And just had lots of normal!Den everry thing changded! And fur those of you dat knows me...I DON'T LIKE CHANGE! Mommy took away all my beds sept for 2..but they were never in the right place or the right position again! THEN she put ALL our toys sept one (that Cali hogs) in to a bag and they disappeared. When that happened...I lost time. I dos that sometimes. When things get scary..I just ...go away. Then when I comes back..things is better! Mommy and Daddy tried to pump me up. They got me to dance and roo..I like to dance and roo. But den I saw the empty toy place and my bed was wrong..
Hey..Wait..oohh never mind..I thought I heard Daddy going in to the kitchen to get me a cookie.
Anyway..den one afternoon I was sleepin on the floor when my bed is sposed to be and mommy starts running round the house cleanin and spraying stinky stuff. And I friends are coming over. ROO-ROO! But den..they put on our going out clothes and we is going somewhere! ROO-ROO. Then I walks outside and see DIS! A monster in the yard! It moveded and makeded clacky noises. It was scary!
oooohh...pretty flowers!And den we gets in the car and daddy gets in the car..but mommy doesn't. She drives off by herself...I thinks she is going to get my beds and my toys! Den daddy drives us around and we don't gos nos where. We sits and then we drives home. When we comes smelled like someone else. I am glads daddy took us away so the strangers didn't takes us! So mommy doesn't come back. daddy says she is at a ...oooohh..I need Cali to spell this word..hang on. confrerence. whatever that means but I think it means she is gone forever. So dis wierd behavyour goes on the next day too! In the car, past the monster..gos nowheres! STrangers in the house..Daddy saves us agin! The third day..we dos it AGAIN! I lost time the 3rd time. I canst take it any more. BUT finally after we gets home, mommy gets home! ROO ROO!! But den they gets on the voice box thing and talk for a long time. And they is escited..they are bouncing around and talking on the voice box and just happy bout somtin. Maybe the person who has our toys and beds is on de way here. So I start dancing and rooing..we is having fun again! But den..mommy hugs me and sez I need to be brave..tings are going to change and we sold our house in 2 days so we is movin soon. WHAT?? MOVING?? CHANGE? I lost time.
When I came back from my happy place..thingz seem bedder. Some beds came back. But toys are still gone. but they is going out a lot and coming back and having talks about numbers and yards and weird stuff. they sez we might have a new home but they iz waiting to hear. I listened...but didn't hear.
Dis is goin to be scary..mommy sez Iget to go visit aunt kristen and uncle gyeong for a few days wif cali, shiloh and dante. I hopes they habn't changded. And i is glad Cali is goin wif me..she is brave and heps me be brave too. But i jus canst take much more.
you know whats..Shiloh has a weird thing on hur head. she wuz itchy...well...down dere..and she lickded it too much. Then she said it hurts bad! When mommy gots home she took her to the bad place fast. Shiloh said it was hurrible. They scrubbed and shavded her up...down dere..and said she had bad inflekshun. So now she wears the cone but sez it is feelin bedder.
Wonder if she can hear the bugs talking
they put it on me for fun...i lost time immediately. that was the scarist thing ever..shiloh is very brave
Do you know what movin means? So..I dont know if my bowls will move..or my bed...or my treats...what about dinner? happy place...happy place...happy place
-Dana Roo Roo Pantz


BrittBeah said...

Two days! Congrats! I hope that means an even bigger back yard for the pups? How exciting.

pineland said...

that's awesome you sold in 2 days! Our realtor told us not to even bother to put our house on the market. so we are renting it for a year or 2. Cute post of the dogs. Our hounds moved 4 times in one year! and they were so good about it!

Ann said...

We are moving soon, from Idaho to Virginia....I am thinking, the "driving and going nowhere" was because people were looking at your house? I dread this part - our house goes on the market this week, and my dog just had surgery therefore can't go in the car - so she'll have to stay in the house in her crate with the strangers walking around! I don't think she'll like that, one little bit! Maybe, ours will sell as fast??? Wow! (Love how your doggie writes, lol!)

gyeong said...

Selling and buying within a week. That's awesome. Hear the new pad is an even better party house :)

Nerice Lochansky said...

Awww Dana Roo Roo! It'll be alright!

Can't wait till you christen the new house with a party! Congrats!

greytblackdog said...

Congrats! Two days! Give me some of your house selling mojo. We have had a house on the market for 2 years! But then again we live in podunk no where.

IHateToast said...

Sweet! You're moving to Australia, right?