Sunday, May 3, 2009

Change is in the air

So as Dana alluded to in her own special way earlier, we are moving. We put our house on the market in hopes to upgrade and buy our dream home in this buyer's market. But we were ready for the long haul as sellers. I left for a conference and Jason manhandled the hounds for 3 showings (they had to leave for each he piled them in the wagon and drove around). When I returned, there was a bid on the house! We sold it in 2 days..and there were two interested parties. So then..we spent 3 days looking at every available house possible. And luck would have it..3 days later we put a bid on our dream home! timing! So in roughly 1 1/2 months, we will be moving in to this house!Fear not..the yard is big and has LOTS of photographic potential! There are trees! There are no houses behind it..only forest! AND..we are about 5 doors down from Beau and Belle
So there will be lots of photos. The house is very party friendly, with loads of upgrades in the kitchen..and just awesome! We are excited.
So are the kids. (notice the return of the toys!)
Cali gets reassured..
I is sad.
Shiloh and Dana will be the most effected by this move. But we will keep their best interest in mind and they will all be shipped to Kristen's house prior to anything being moved and will return once the beds and dog bowls are properly placed.
And this was irresistible. Dante has a serious padunkadunk butt!
Luckily, there are tons of activities to keep me busy this month. I will not be pining over our new home.


Scott said...

Yay! Congrats!

BrittBeah said...


Ridlon Tails said...

Beautiful home! Congrats!!! =)

Angela said...

Congratulations! A new home is always exciting! I wish we could have waited until now to buy, but we love our house so we're not going anywhere...just would have been nice to pay less! Hopefully, it won't take the pups too long to adjust :)

gyeong said...

Just tell Shiloh and Dana that it's a sleepover at our house. I would love an upgraded kitchen. Can't wait for the first party :)

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