Saturday, June 27, 2009

Stay tuned...

It will be a few more weeks before I catch everyone up with my move and all that it entailed. You can get an idea from Gyeong's blog, but as luck would have it, I stupidly spilled wine (ironic?) on my laptop. So I am now using Jason's computer until my new one comes in. I can scan the internet on my broken one, but occasionally the down arrow sticks and the 'r' sticks, so that makes surfing a little difficult. Only about 1/3 of the keys work.
So please stay tuned, I promise a lot of photos, stories and a return to normality. But until then..enjoy this photo..
Cali's last night at the old house..stupidly we forgot to close the pantry before going to dinner. Will the guilty party please raise her hand (and the tart's antics continued at Gyeong's house..check out his blog) Be back laptop arrives in 2 weeks.


IHateToast said...

you forget to close the door, you suffer the consequences. i hope jason sees that his tart isn't so angelic.

Scott said...

Wow, you and Belle should have a shred party!