Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Urban's Journey continues...

Skiddy Urban's road to retirement was started on Hound Life and continues here. Due to multiple people moving, traveling, etc..Urban is making his way to his forever home via multiple foster homes. But along the way, his story gets more and more interesting.
Urban arrived here with as you saw on Hound Life, a rather peculiar nose 'issue'. It was an old injury, and didn't really seem to bother him. We called it character.
Let's remind you of Before:
So, I take him to my vet to get his teeth cleaned and vaccines updated. As I explain his nose 'issue', they say "you want us to fix that?". all his paperwork...his stay at a Veterinary all says..his nose cannot be fixed.
To which they respond "sure it can".
So after a little consultation, we realize there is no reason not to give it a shot. Watching him lick oatmeal out of his nose at night's was loosing its humor.
So I picked up a brand new Urban tonight!
Check out the AFTER!The vet assured us the 'dimpling' will settle and there will be minimal scarring. CRAZY! Urban will recooperate here for a few days before heading to his next foster home, Beau and Belle. There he will meet his new forever mom (the owner of Beau and Belle's aunt) and continue his journey. So check out his blog for the completion of Urban's crazy GUR.
I think he will be happy to be away from the flashbulbs and frenzy of the paparazzi here with GPA-Richmond.On my front..nothing to report but Boxes..and whole hell of a lot of boxes. We move in 8 days.
My house:But rest assured..there is a path to the important things
And stay tuned for a look back at life on Brant lane ...the good times and we head in to the next chapter on Rose Bowl.


Harvey and Jackson said...

Hooray for our Boy! He was already beautiful, and now he's stunning!

Harvey and Jackson send their best wishes...Skiddy Urban, we sure do miss you.

Scott said...

Yay! He was handsome before, now he's be-roo-tiful!

It's really a night and day difference!

I hope his recuperation goes well.

Beau and Belle look forwarding to having him around for a couple of weeks.

Ann said...

I agree, he was already the most beautiful little boy in the world. But now he's even better!

Thank you so much for pursuing this with the vet Trina.

BrittBeah said...

Bless him and his little nose. Why in the world whould they not fix what looks like and old injurey! I could under stand if he was born with it but it just looks like it was riped and never fixed correctly. Good for you and your sweet vet for helping him look even nicer then before.

ykngld said...

I'm so glad your vet was open to helping Skiddy on his way to recovery. Lynn and the JCKC crew brought Skiddy's littermate to SEGA-Atlanta in March. Skiddy Unique was adopted 4 weeks later by a nice lady in Auburn, GA.
Good luck on your travels Skiddy!

gyeong said...

Skiddy is one laid-back dude. He must think this is slumber-party heaven. Looking forward to watching your kids next week for my 'vacation' :)

houndstooth said...

Wow! He sure was cute before, but that is an awesome job the vet did! Not every grey has such a good nose job!

Never Say Never Greyhounds said...

His nose looks so much better! Me thinks Auburn was being cheap. I mean it had to be open and bloody when it happened. Can't imagine looking at it fresh and thinking it would be best left alone.